Choose complex carbohydrates


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“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence,
so that’s very important for good health.”

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Good food – Good health

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The first wealth is health.

Here are a few tips to help you find painless ways to stay fit:

All rise! The average person burns 100 calories per hour while sitting and 140 per hour while standing. Get on your feet two hours a day while you work and you could drop 6 pounds over the course of a year. Stand while you talk on the phone and set up an area where you can work in a standing position (great for people with back pain!).

Eat for Health

Take the stairs, not the elevator A 130-pound woman will burn nearly 20 calories each time she goes up and down the stairs. Do it all day watch how quickly those add up!

Dust while you talk on the phone.

Lose the remote. Get up to change the channel! And while you’re up grab some weights for a set of bicep curls or shoulder presses. You can work through a full strength training routine in an hour if you do a set during each commercial.

Park so you have to walk.

Walk and talk! Catch up on phone calls while your take a walk.

Be creative! Instead of thinking of all the ways you don’t have time to exercise, make it a game to see how many ways you can carve out time for little bouts of exercise. Lose your “all or nothing” mindset and look at exercise as a daily accumulation of activity.

Remember, to lose weight you still need to take a look at your diet and try to eliminate excess calories, especially those that come from “junk.” Your goal isn’t difficult – cutting 200-300 calories from your daily diet can be easy if you choose foods that you won’t miss too much. Think about switching from a can a soda every afternoon to unsweetened iced tea or a flavored sparkling water. But remember, don’t cut something that you look forward to everyday (for me cutting cream in my coffee would be a deal breaker), instead look for little changes you can make that won’t make a big difference in the foods your enjoy.

“All the money in the world
can’t buy you back good health.”

“The changes she’s made to her body are incredible. She’s done it the right way. Nothing fast, just hard work. Her body is bangin’ right now.”

Khloe gets laser treatments to zap the cellulite off her butt and thighs, but said the rest of her body is all-natural, not due to plastic surgery. Kardashian feels great after losing 13 pounds recently by following a dairy-free diet and exercising five days a week.

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