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It may sound incredible, yet this banana peel cure can enable you to dispose of those agonizing headaches and cerebral pains. Furthermore, it shouldn’t take you over 20 minutes! For to what extent would you say you are experiencing a huge cerebral pain? In excess of 47 million of Americans experience the ill effects of migraines of an alternate kind.


On the off chance that you till now thought the main answer for migraines are OTC torment easing pills, at that point the time has come to alter your opinion! You can have a beyond any doubt fix with a straightforward banana peel cure.

Astounded? At that point hold the idea; there is a great deal more you have to think about bananas. To start with, how about we talk about the procedure that can enable you to treat cerebral pains.

Banana Peel Remedy For Headaches

All you require is a banana peel, a couple of ice solid shapes and a couple of drops of lavender oil. Here’s the way to set up this basic banana peel cure:

  • Take a banana peel and a couple of ice 3D shapes.
  • Tape the ice 3D shapes with the peel.
  • Include a couple of drops of lavender oil (discretionary).
  • Rests serenely and turn off the lights.
  • Put the banana peel on your brow, and inside minutes your cerebral pain will leave.
  • Proceed with this procedure for no less than 20 minutes to push away those horrible migraines.
  • Why banana peel cure works? Banana peels are to a great degree nutritious. This is what Dr. Victor Marchione said in regards to banana peel:

Contains More Fiber Than The Organic Product Itself.

Has lutein, or, in other words your vision;

  • Is extremely wealthy in potassium;
  • The more unripe banana peel is, the more cell reinforcements it contains.
  • Banana peel likewise contains Vitamins (B6, C and B12), gelatin and magnesium.
  • When you put the peel on your head, the skin begins retaining every one of these supplements. Among these, the best supplement that lessens the cerebral pain is potassium.

In spite of the fact that there’s no logical research with respect to this banana peel cure, the greater part of the general population who attempted it encountered astonishing outcomes, significantly quicker than by taking painkillers.

I would state this home cure worth an attempt, since it can’t do you any mischief. Try it out!

7 More Uses For Banana Peels

Is banana peel useful for relieving cerebral pains? The appropriate response is NO! There are such a significant number of more medical advantages you will accomplish from this astounding peel:

1. Avert Frost Bites

Rub the peel on your hand and after that handle every cool item. It makes a layering on the skin that shields your hands from ice consume or ice nibbles.

2. Helps Sleep

These peels additionally enable you to rest in the event that you are experiencing restlessness or halfway sleep deprivation. Drinking a banana peel tea preceding going to bed will assist you with sleeping better.

This implies you don’t need to trouble your body any longer with medications like narcotics.

3. Builds Potassium Level

As you have seen, these peels are to a great degree wealthy in potassium. In this way, in the event that you need potassium or magnesium, there is no better and common approach to build every one of these minerals in your body normally, than by eating banana peels.

4. Helps Weight Loss

With its high fiber contain, banana peel can assist you with shedding those additional pounds by disposing of food cravings. Here are some delicious banana peel formulas. Try them out!

5. Enhances Vision

Lutein is a noteworthy fixing in banana peels. It will assist you with preventing waterfall and improve night vision.

6. Counteracts Anemia

Banana peels will give oxygen to the cells throughout the day and night long. This keeps the red platelets from separating pointlessly. This implies it can incompletely do the trick paleness issue as well.

7. Lifts Mood

Try not to accept? It enhances your inclination as it has a ‘vibe decent’ synapse in its peel. You can heat, broil, make crisps of banana peels and eat it. Go see with your own eyes how it hoists your temperament immediately!

Never discard the greatly solid yellow skin again! Pick the banana peel cure you need and begin showing signs of improvement in a characteristic, sound manner.


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