For a long time now, we have been getting requests for yoga workout videos. We’ve finally branched out and incorporated some yoga moves into this total body toning routine.

As a disclaimer, I am a complete beginner in this form of training (in case you couldn’t tell by my mostly awkward, not-so-fluid-yet movements in the video) and I am sure that there are points on my form that could use refining. I’m very much interested in practicing and getting better at it, and I am hoping that my putting myself out there will encourage you to also try new things that you aren’t necessarily good at or that might just scare you a little bit.

We also realize that this is not 100% purist yoga; rather, it’s yoga inspired. We didn’t follow a lot of rules with this one and you aren’t going to hear Daniel giving cues about your chakras or the waves of the ocean. And yes, I’m wearing shoes. Because I wanted to. With that said, in the future you will see us move towards more classic style routines once we become more comfortable with this kind of workout.

Workout Structure

1 Fluid routine; no rests between exercises
Varying reps
2 Rounds; 15 Minutes Total
Roughly 75-95 calories burned
Printable yoga workout

Is Yoga Alone Enough For Weight Loss

Just like any other physical activity, yoga burns calories, though most styles do not burn energy at as high a rate as most other types of training.

We recommend a variety of training styles for the healthiest, most capable body; we don’t advise doing any one kind of training as a standalone. Yoga is a mind-body exercise that has it’s place in anyone’s routine, but strength training and cardio are still important for a well rounded foundation of fitness.

There are plenty of people who only do yoga to stay in shape, but studies have shown that the long list of benefits and the ability to maintain a lean, healthy body has more to do with the yoga lifestyle than the workouts themselves. Healthy eating, proper stress management, meditation and mindset are just a few of the lifestyle elements that should be taken into consideration, along with the workouts.

We called this a yoga workout for weight loss because while it does not incorporate many advanced yoga poses that require a great deal of experience, it does use total body movements that are great for toning up all of the major muscle groups. Weight loss yoga can be a pretty relative term, seeing as how the difficulty level of any given exercise is going to depend on the strength and fitness level of the person doing the routine.


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