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Do you sleep on your back, side, or tummy? If you are pregnant, sore, or have certain medical conditions, you may have to sleep in certain positions to be comfortable. Sleeping the wrong way can cause or aggravate neck or back pain. How you sleep may reveal aspects of your personality. Read on to learn the best sleep position for you.

Do You Sleep on Your Stomach?

Approximately 7% of people sleep on their stomach. It may help ease snoring, but sleeping in this position may aggravate other medical conditions. Your neck and spine are not in a neutral position when you sleep on your stomach. This may cause neck and back pain. Stomach sleeping can put pressure on nerves and cause numbness, tingling, and nerve pain. It’s best to choose another sleep position if you are stomach sleeper. If you can’t break the habit, prop your forehead up on a pillow so your head and spine remain in a neutral position and you have room to breathe.

The Free fall Position

About 7% of people sleep on their stomachs with their heads turned to the side. People who sleep this way have their arms wrapped around a pillow or tucked under a pillow. One sleep researcher discovered people who sleep this way may be more likely to be outspoken, outgoing, and sociable. They may also be more likely to not take criticism well.

Do You Sleep on Your Back?

Some people who sleep on their backs may experience low back pain from this sleep position. It can also make existing back pain worse. So this is not the best sleep position for lower back pain. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, sleeping on your back may aggravate these conditions. There are upsides to sleeping on your back. Your head, neck, and spine are in a neutral position so you’re less likely to experience neck pain. Sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated is also the best sleep position for heartburn.

The Soldier Position

In this position, the sleepers lie on their backs and their arms are down and close to the body. Approximately 8% of people sleep like this. Research has shown that people who sleep in this position may have quiet and reserved personalities. They may also have high standards both for themselves and others. This is not one of the best sleep positions for snoring and may prevent you from getting a restful night’s sleep. Talk to your doctor if snoring keeps you from getting enough rest.

The Starfish Position

People who sleep in a starfish position sleep on their backs with their arms up over their head. Approximately 5% of people sleep this way. Research shows people who sleep in this position do not like being the center of attention. They are also likely to be good listeners and helpful. As all those who sleep on their backs, people who sleep in the starfish position may be prone to snoring and sleep problems.

Do you sleep on your side?

The most popular sleep position by far is side sleeping. Approximately 41% of people sleep this way, curled up on their sides with their knees bent. This is also called the fetal position. More women than men sleep in this position. This position is good for pregnant women because it facilitates circulation to both mom and the fetus. The position may be good for those who snore. If you have arthritis, sleeping in this position may make you sore. Curling up may also prevent you from breathing deeply because your diaphragm is restricted.


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